b-ventures continues growing

The last months have been extremely active, including the addition of two new startups to our roster in Italy, and the launch of b-ventures program in Spain with two local startups already enrolled.

Now we have 13 startups on board, where besides the four new entries mentioned above, 2 startups joined in late 2013 (Wisocial and Bestiacce) ended their journey within b-ventures, and will continue autonomously, still staying in touch with us. We are also proud to announce that IMPACT (the consortium of European partners, led by b-ventures) recently closed the first recruiting wave, out of the two additional waves planned for 2015, injecting 2 Million Euros into 19 European startups.

You will find more details below, together with a progress report of the startups currently running b-ventures program, and with the calendar of the next events.

b-ventures continues growing as two new startups just joined.

MiDo and Vicinidicasa have been enrolled in b-ventures program last November. MiDo is a startup specialized in the development of monitoring systems and has developed the MiDoMet smart metering system, for the remote reading and quality/quantity management of energy resources (water, gas, electricity) based on a self-powered electronic device and connectable to any type of meter or sensor. Data transfer is enabled through cloud computing. ViciniDiCasa is the social network allowing people to get to know their neighbors, with the main objective of helping each other and doing business with other local residents in a safe and profitable way. Based on geo-localization, ViciniDiCasa is a platform designed to foster collaboration and provide instant access to local resources and quickly share objects, skills and news in your neighborhood.

b-ventures program is now live in Spain, with two startups already recruited.

b-ventures spreads its wings to Spain with an official Pitch Day on November 27, 2014 in Madrid. 5 startups selected (among>50 aspiring applicants), presented their projects to an audience of entrepreneurs, business angels, institutional investors, and Buongiorno international managers. Two teams were selected to enter b-ventures program in Spain, commencing their mentorship journey in February 2015 at Buongiorno office space in Madrid.

Progress reports on b-ventures startups.


Joining b-ventures in June 2014, PetMe (www.petme.it, kind of airbnb for pets) is showing an interesting growth rate with 2,000 pet sitters already registered (throughout Italy) and a total of 7,000 active users. The service provided around 1000 paid nights so far, mainly for dogs but also for cockatiels, turtles, guinea pigs….and more! Furthermore, the Facebook community, now counting 25,000 fans, underscores the need for users to collect information and additional services allowing them to take care of their pets in the best way. PetMe closed an angel round of >200KEUR in November 2014.


In the second half of 2014, Aerodron was the first (and so far the only) company obtaining the permission from the Civil Aviation Authority to operate their drones to support emergency situations, being recognized as relevant professional player operating UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). In fact in October Aerodron performed a reconnaissance flight along a river in Italy, 24 hours after the flooding that caused serious damages in the area. Moreover, in November 2014 Aerodron, in collaboration with the Aeroclub of Parma, launched the first ‘drone pilots training course’ certified by the Civil Aviation Authority. Drones market sector is evolving very fast, legislation is acting as the catalyst to this change, stimulating companies such as Aerodron to shift towards more technically sophisticated applications in order to create a competitive advantage.


In the past six months the DNAPhone team became “ DNAPhone Srl ". embraced by b-ventures in Incubation, then promoted to the Acceleration program, in July 2014 DNAPhone finalized the design of two distinct technology platforms for biochemical analysis: DNAPhone Smart Analysis and DNAPhone EDU . The first platform, designed for small to medium enterprises in the food sector, will launch shortly the Beta Test phase. Whilst DNAPhone EDU, aimed for the educational sector , has already attracted considerable interest by Universities and Schools where has been presented. DNAPhone prototype for Smart Analysis has been recently delivered and the core technology has been already validated by authoritative experts of the food technology sector. DNAPhone is now ready to start its second phase and is in fact discussing these days a relevant angel round.


b-ventures acceleration program has been a watershed experience for iDoctorPad team, leading them to a more accurate definition of their core focus and target, finally culminating into an app intended to help consumers taking care of their health, with the ambition to revolutionize the way we approach our health-care. iDoctorPad team testifies to have been deeply inspired and motivated by the environment around them within b-ventures program.


The rebranding from “Progetto Wedding” to “Martha's Cottage” was successfully completed in Q3 2014, together with the opening of five new e- commerce sites and a temporary store. Important partnerships were also sealed with Loviitt , Matrimonio.it e ContactLab, with Martha’s headquarters relocated to larger premises of 1600 square meters. Few interesting KPIs: -5,000 weddings managed -80,000 diapers sold in one month upon launch -400k turnover in 2014 (4 times the investment in advertising) The team is currently working on the closure of a new capital increase, and is broadening the operational reach also beyond Italy. There are also 2 new Martha’s Cottage branded e-commerce sites in the pipeline.


In 2014 Caffeina continued growing by doubling the revenues compared to 2013, and very important and big clients were added to their portfolio. In fact, Caffeina brand awareness keeps also growing, and the very good reputation built so far in the Social Media Marketing arena, has attracted important clients like Hogan, Genialloyd, Dolce & Gabbana, Monster, Procter & Gamble, Coop Estense, 888, ActionAid and others. Caffeina has closed 2014 with a net profit for the fourth consecutive year, again fully reinvested to support the consolidation of the core business and to fund the growth of new high value business lines.


The past 6 months have been intense and rewarding for Musicraiser, who’s becoming a hub for fund raising and audience engagement. The website new layout has been implemented these days, with UK website launch planned within February, and two new services have been launched in the Italian market: 1) artists are now able to create a pre-order campaign to sell albums or concert tickets with exclusive content, directly to their fan base. 2) “Wishow” special campaign allows promoters and booking agencies to fund concerts or festivals without risks, bringing amazing artists to any town. Also noteworthy, four new additions to the team, including a CTO, and three new partners (two in the US and one in UK). Musicraiser is set to become self-sustainable in Q2 2005.

b-ventures next events’ calendar

  • The 2nd Open Call for the IMPACT Accelerator Program will take place in April 2015.
  • Q2 2015 (date TBD): Demo Day: a selection of b-ventures startups will provide an update on their progresses against an audience of potential investors.
  • Q3 2015 (date TBD): 4TH edition of b-ventures Pitch Day in Italy.