Internet Mobile Projects Accelerator

IMPACT is one of the 16 consortiums selected by the European Commission within the framework of the Seventh Framework Programme.

The Consortium is made up of ISDI, Buongiorno, Teknologiudviking ApS , Seaya Ventures and a network of entrepreneurs and well-known professionals of the digital European ecosystem. We subsidize, accelerate & invest in the best mobile internet start-ups leading them to generate global impact.


  • Accelerate at least 64 European start-ups focusing on Mobile Internet.
  • Subsidize each start-up up to 100,000 euros without equity consideration whatsoever investing a total of 6,400,000 euros in 2-years time.
  • Provide Premium Acceleration Service during 6 months consisting in Training and Mentoring under the guidance of key world class digital ecosystem professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • Manage the most promising start-ups towards the Extended Investment Phase with Business Angels and first class global Funds.

how impact works


Those selected must be committed to:

  • Use FI technology: FI-Ware and/or FI-Content.
  • Follow the Impact Acceleration Program for 6 months.


Each phase will be initiated with an Open Call across Europe.

  • Candidates will present their projects via the online Funding Box platform.
  • The projects will be evaluated by a Panel of independent Experts.


Funds will be disbursed in 3 installments throughout the acceleration process

  • 25% : month 0 or after the process of selection and signing a grant agreement.
  • 50% : month 3, after fulfillment of business milestones agreed on.
  • 25% : month 6, after fulfillment of corresponding business milestones agreed on.


Acceleration process is based on two modules: Training & Mentoring.

  • 50 hours face-to-face classes.
  • E-Learning and entrepreneur talks.
  • Start-up exercises.
  • Mentoring.


Extended Funding.

  • Impact will organize events, pitching competitions, networking sessions & demo days with top-notch European investors for those start-ups completing the Acceleration process in what is called the Extended Funding Phase.
  • In this Phase the IMPACT consortium can invest up to 250,000€ in selected start-ups with a 25% discount agreed on in the grant agreement.